Thursday, 11 November 2010

Farewell Card - Patrick

One of my work colleagues is leaving the team early next week to work in another team for the next 12 months. He probably won't come back to our team, so we are having a farewell lunch and giving him a farewell present.  This is the card I made for him. My theme is based on the fact that he is leaving our team and he likes to travel.

Cheers FiLoMa

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Birthday Card - Music, Flowers & Green

My work colleague Allan, asked me to make him a birthday card for his wife. The scope I was given was Music, Flowers & the colour green.  He did say that with music she specifically likes the Indian guitar, which I think he said is a three string instrument. Anyway, I'm too tired to go looking for exactly what it is and I don't have anything like that within my craft collection, so to me the next best think was a standard guitar.  However, I decided that my focus would be the colour green. As you see, it has a guitar and a couple of flowers, but it is very green. When I give it to Allan tomorrow, I shall see whether he does/doesn't like it.

Cheers FiLoMa

Monday, 6 September 2010

Farewell Card - Tim

Work colleagues in another team asked me to make a farewell card for their team leader who is moving into another part of the team. They wanted to show their appreciation, so asked me to make him a card. The scope I was given was cycling, swimming and the colour blue. Well, not having much in the way of cycling or swimming, I went with a blue theme. However, I do have a Darkroom Door stamp that had a road bike on it, so I thought that would be fitting.  Tim's team loved the card and I believe Tim will love it too when they present it to him later on this week.

Cheers FiLoMa

Farewell Card - Matt

Another work colleague has departed the team. I guess it is that time where staff members move on to other opportunities.  As such, I made this farewell card for Matt. I didn't have much to go on, but I was lead to believe that he likes the beach.  I don't mind this card, but it is not one of my better cards. I did find this card hard, as I don't have much in the way of sun surf and sand, so the card is predominately made up of stickers rather than stamping.

Cheers FiLoMa

Birthday Card - The Cow

My work colleague Sahar asked me to make a birthday card for her. I believe it is for her brothers partner. The scope was it needed to have a cow, as she, Sahar's brothers partner loves cows.  Lucky for me I had some great cow serviettes and this is the card that I made. I'm really happy with the results and so is Sahar.

Cheers FiLoMa

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Craft Room Update August 2010

I've finally made some modifications to my craft room and I think it's looking fantastic.  The changes aren't anything major, but I am already noticing that they are having a major impact on how I use my craft room. I am finding it much easier to locate stuff and am inspired to use what I have as I can now see it better.  The good thing about making these changes, so far I have not needed to outlay any money.  I do need to get a few more storage items, for example I want to move all my 12"x12" Cardstock and patterned paper into the cropper hoppers.  Anyway, here is the latest look of my craft room.

View 01
12"x12" Cardstock and pattern paper
Ribbons & Brads
Watercolour crayons & pencils
A4 Cardstock in filing cabinet to the left

View 02
Mounted Stamps
Cardstock & Paper scraps
My cardstock is organised into colours
My paper is organised into themes such as stripes, circles, Christmas

View 03
US Card Magazines
Creative Memories Punches
Serviettes ready for gluing
Other punches
Printer Paper & Plastic Sleeves

View 04
6"x6" Cardstock and Paper
Cleaning products & Paints
Flower Soft & Glitter
Unmounted stamps & ABC Stickers
Cuttlebug Embossing & Nestabilities
Cricut Machine to the left on the double mini which has more paper scraps

View 05
Xyron, Sizzix & Cuttle Machines & Die Cuts
Embossing Power & tools
Miscellaneous & Stickers

View 06
Spare Creative Memories Albums
Scoring boards & Cutters
Cricut items & Zutter Spines
Flowers & Albums I've scrapped

View 07a
Currently a junk corner

View 07b
I've stuck them on the front so I know what I have

View 08
Inks, buttons, Cricut cartridges
Scissors, brushes & Scrapbooking Magazines
Tutorials by Inking Idaho (aka Becky Roberts)

View 09
H2O's, Chalks, Acrylic Blocks
Double sided tape, glue dots, foam squares
Card Magazines & Craft Catalogues
White board for where I can write my craft commitments or ideas

View 10
UStamp with Dawn tutorials
Other Stampin' Up! tutorials
Miscellaneous other tutorials
Card Magazines & Craft Catalogues

View 11
Embellishments such as buttons &
Miscellaneous items
Plastic container has stamps ready for cataloguing
I catalogue all my stamps

View 12
Crystal Effects/Dimensionals
Lumiere Paints & Stickles & Liquid Pearls
Adriondak Dabbers
Bling, Charms & beads in draws

View 13
My Craft table
Where I usually sit
Cheers FiLoMa

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Birthday Cards

My work colleague and friend Georgette, asked me to make her a 21st birthday card for her daughter's boyfriend.  Georgette doesn't know him too well, but she said he liked the colour blue and he's into go-carting.  Now, I don't have any go-carting stamps or images, but I decided that the Formula One serviette I had would probably work just as well. In all I've done three cards for her to select which one she likes.

Serviette technique for the chequered flags

Serviette technique for the Formula One car & chequered flags

Serviette technique for the chequered flags
Circut to cut out 21 and then
Clear, blue & ebony embossing power mixed together

Cheers FiLoMa

Sunday, 25 July 2010

2010 Card a Day Challenge - Cards #79-#82

This morning I called into Elle's place to have another look at her fabulous craft room. She's done a great effort in updating her craft room. You can check it out here. After visiting Elle's craft room, I was inspired to reorganise mine, which I have done a little of and to do some actual crafting, which this post is going to show the cards I made.  Recently I purchased some Kraftin' Kimmie stamps. I just love these stamps and want to get more. Anyway, the first one I have decided to make into a card is the Marie Antoinette stamp. I've done four cards, exactly the same, with the exception of the colour, I wanted to see how she would come out with different colour dresses. I am really happy with my cards.

Card 01
Card 02
Card 03
Card 04
Cheers FiLoMa

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Farewell Card

Below is another farewell card I made for one of my work colleagues.  I'm really happy with how this card turned out. This is the first time I've used this Rubber Romance stamp as well as the Missy B one, stamped in red down the side.  I really like the patterned paper, which I've had for a couple years now, so I am please that I finally used it.

Cheers FiLoMa

Card a Day Challenge - Cards #076 and #077

Below are the final two cards that I made with the patterned paper I got from the ACT craft fair in August 2009.  I'm really happy with the cards, I like that they are simple in design.

Card 076
Card 077
Cheers FiLoMa

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Farewell Card

The following card was made to farewell my boss from the section. The sweet treats cup is filled with smarties.

Cheers FiLoMa

Birthday Card - Zio Oscar

I made the following birthday card for Zio Oscar's 90th. Again, this card was given to Zio by my mum.

Cheers FiLoMa

Birthday Card - Aunty Ines

I made the following birthday for my Aunty, which was actually given to her from my mum.

Cheers FiLoMa

Card a Day Challenge - Cards 063 to 067

These are the cards that I have made with the remaining pattern paper that I purchased at the Canberra craft fair last year. I'm happy with how these have turned out.

Card 01
I made four of these
Card 02
Card 03
Card 04
Card 05
Cheers FiLoMa

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mother's Day Card

I'm fortunate enough to have my mum visiting me for a couple of weeks.  This means that we will spend Mother's Day together.  Below is the card I made for her. I wanted to keep it fairly simple and I had seen this simple layout done by my friend Philippa Barr. It's not an exact CASE of her work, more I was inspired by what she had done.  This is also my first real attempt at colouring in using the new water colour crayons I got last month.

Cheers FiLoMa

2010 Card a Day Challenge - Card #61

Following on from my previous post, below is another card that I've made from the patterned paper that I purchased from the Canberra Craft Fair last year.  The card layout is a CASE, but I have changed the sentiment stamp and the colour of the cardstock used.

Cheers FiLoMa

Thursday, 6 May 2010

2010 Card a Day Challenge - Cards #57 - #60

At the Canberra Craft Fair in August last year, I purchased some cheap pretty patterned paper.  Unfortunately the craft stall that I purchased the paper from did not have instructions on the cards that they had made with this paper.  However, they were kind enough to allow me to take photos of the cards.  Over the last couple of days I've made the follow two designs, which are a CASE from this craft stall.  The first patterned paper I was able to make three cards, all in various sizes and the second patterned paper I made six cards, all of the same.  Both these cards are of a style that I would not normally do. However, I really like the black, red and white one, so may look at making that again, but next time using a flourish stamp to create the same effect.  I'm happy with both card designs.

Pattern Paper 01
Card 01
Pattern Paper 01
Card 02
Pattern Paper 01
Card 03
Pattern Paper 02
Card 01
Cheers FiLoMa

Monday, 19 April 2010

2010 Card a Day Challenge - Cards #36 - #55

Well, it's been quite a while since I made a card for my personal goal of "Card a Day Challenge". I'm quite ok with not making a card a day, I've used that title to inspire me to be more creative than what I was last year.

Anyway, I've had a very full craft weekend. Saturday was my card class, which ended up being a craft session with my friend about four hours longer than the card class.  Sunday morning was my SU! demo training, as noted in my previous post. After grabbing a bite to eat for lunch, I noticed that I was in a craft mojo so decided to run with. As such, I made the following 20, yes that's right, 20 cards. I was inspired by my SU! Up-line to use the SU 6"x6" DSP hostess level one gift.  I've used the Medallion stamp set on all of them as there were so many cards on SCS to inspire me.

Out of all the cards that I made, there are only two I really don't like, they just don't work.  It is two of the Garden Green and Pumpkin Pie ones. You will notice them (card set 05) as they are very obvious. Still working out the best way to fix them so I do like them.  Anyway, I'm really happy overall with how these cards turned out.  By the end of it, my craft room and myself were covered from head to toe in dazzling diamonds ROFLOL.

Card Set 01
Regal Rose and Bravo Burgundy C/S

Card Set 02
Brocade Blue and Night of Navy C/S

Card Set 03
Basic Grey and Basic Black

Card Set 04
Apricot Appeal and Sage Shadow

Card Set 05
Garden Green and Pumpkin Pie

I've decided that I really really like Sage Shadow and I will be sorry to see it retire later on this year. With that happening, I have decided that I will stock up on the ink refill and cardstock.
Cheers FiLoMa

SU! Demo Training Swap - April 2010

Each month my SU! Up-line holds a training session. In addition, there is usually a swap for the demonstrators to participate. Since joining SU! in November 2009 I have not participated in the swap, but this month I decided I wanted to play along. The ladies within my Up-line's group are all very talented I wanted to receive some of their inspirations.  Anyway, this is my contribution to the swap. I really wanted to do something using the new in-colors and Medallion stamp set.

Cheers FiLoMa

Card Class 02/2010

On Saturday I held my second card class and the first one for April.  My next April card class is this coming Friday.  Anyway, these are the April card class cards.
Card 01
Card 02
Inspired by Fiona Platzer
Card 03
Cheers FiLoMa