Sunday, 20 June 2010

Farewell Card

The following card was made to farewell my boss from the section. The sweet treats cup is filled with smarties.

Cheers FiLoMa

Birthday Card - Zio Oscar

I made the following birthday card for Zio Oscar's 90th. Again, this card was given to Zio by my mum.

Cheers FiLoMa

Birthday Card - Aunty Ines

I made the following birthday for my Aunty, which was actually given to her from my mum.

Cheers FiLoMa

Card a Day Challenge - Cards 063 to 067

These are the cards that I have made with the remaining pattern paper that I purchased at the Canberra craft fair last year. I'm happy with how these have turned out.

Card 01
I made four of these
Card 02
Card 03
Card 04
Card 05
Cheers FiLoMa