Sunday, 9 February 2014

Altered Book Cover - Food Journal

Hi fellow crafters. Well, I'm on a roll today. I managed to do heaps of crafting of several projects and I was able to finish some of them.  Yesterday I purchased myself an A5 lined note book to used as a food journal to track what I'm eating and count my Weight Watchers Propoints.  I didn't want a plain cover, especially the one that came with the note book so I decided to decorate it.  I figure if it is pleasing to the eye I'm more likely to want to use it. I've done a quick video, which shows what the book looked like when I bought it as well as a photo of the finished product.


Cheers FiLoMa

Card #1/2014 - Mixed Media

Hi fellow crafters. I've been slowly working on this card, specifically the background. Today, while do other craft projects, I decided to finish off making a card with the background I had created. I've kept the card simple, adding the butterfly with a flower and few pieces of bling.  I also used my TCW stencils and background stamps. I'm very happy with how the card has turned out, even if it is not my normal style of card making. I was practicing my mixed media techniques.

Cheers FiLoMa

Project Life: Week Four (19-25 January 2014)

Hi Fellow crafters. I've finally got around to completing week 4.  I had fun creating this layout and I think it is the quickest one I've done yet.  My focus for this week was capturing the meals I ate as I had decided to try the Simple Start concept as promoted by Weight Watchers.  I also achieved my 5% weight lost goal.  Below are photos and a link to my YouTube video.


Over of week

Left side of layout

Right side of layout

The pages I add in.
Cheers FiLoMa