Tuesday, 11 December 2007

TSS Secret Santa

I joined in "The Scrappers Stash" 2007 Secret Santa swap. The rules for this swap were:
  • Handmade item,
  • Gifts to the value of AUD$15, and
  • Xmas Card
We were all then asked to fill out a questionnaire about ourselves and our craft interests. This was then mailed to the moderator who paired us up. So, taking into consideration the wants of my Secret Santa partner, I have obtained the following gift items:

Gifts to the value of AUD$15
An overall view & specific view of individual items

In addition, I was stumped as to what handmade gift I would do. I originally was going to do bonbons with chocolates inside, because everyone loves to receive chocolates, but then I thought that the gift wouldn't be good enough, as it would be such a perishable item. I put out a call for help to the group, but before I got a reply, I came up with the handmade notebook.

Handmade Item - Notebook Front Cover

Handmade Item - Notebook Back Cover

Handmade Item - Notebook Front Inside

Handmade Item - Notebook Back Inside

I then had to make a Xmas card to go with these gifts, so I decided to make a card using the serviette with Santa on it. I have already commented in an earlier post about making Santa cards for yahoo group WWRS. Well, I liked the card so much that I made a third to go to my secret santa.

My secret santa Xmas card

As you can, the Santa on this card faces differently from the Santa on the WWRS cards.

I am very please with how everything has turned out. It is my first real attempted in making a notebook using my bind-it-all machine. With practice I will improve, but I am pretty happy with my attempt and I believe my secret santa partner will be happy with her gifts, purchased and handmade. Below is a photo of all the items to go to my Secret Santa.

Overall picture of 2007 Secret Santa items

I will be posting to my Secret Santa in the next day or two. The due date is set at 20 December 2007, well in time for her to receive her gifts for Xmas day.
Cheers FiLoMa

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hamblinj said...

How lovely is this stuff! Your SS will be thrilled - know I would love to be receiving it! Just love the card - would love the recipe if you can spare it some time!!!

From an earlier post - I am too doing WW and have had great loss to date but am also worrying about Xmas and my lack of willpower - today was not a good day but hope to be back in control tomorrow. Just want to stay the same! You can do it and the results will show when your ww group starts again!

Keep positive and thanks for showing!