Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sympathy / Thinking of You cards

Unfortunately a work colleagues mother died last week. As such, I have made her a sympathy card on behalf of the section that she works in.

card group 1
"With Sympathy"

card group 2
"Thinking of You"

I guess your wondering if I made a card, then why am I displaying four cards - this was a common question I got asked at ACTSA yesterday. The truth of the matter is that I wanted to make a card using my decorative vellum (pictured left in both groups), but wasn't sure whether my double sided tape would be visible or not. Just in case it would be, I also made the identical card (pictured right in both groups) using the same decorative pattern but in paper. As it turned out, the double sided tape is barely visible and you would have to be specifically looking for it. Now, that explains why I might have 2 cards, but not 4. Again, I wanted to used different flowers as I couldn't decide which flower would be nicer and whether the section would prefer the words "thinking of you" or "with sympathy". Hence, why I ended up with 4 cards. I will be taking them to work tomorrow and as a section we will choose 1 card and the rest will go into my "spare box". I am really happy with how they have turned out, though the photo doesn't do them justice. I have used self adhesive pearls on the pink cardstock to the right of the image above the ribbon.
Cheers FiLoMa

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