Tuesday, 21 February 2012

BAP Wallet - Mum's Birthday 2012

I love the Build-A-Page (BAP) concept designed by Kathy from Paper Phenomenon. Kathy of course took that one step further and using the BAP designed the BAP Wallet.  I made this wallet last year for my dad's birthday and decided to make it this year for my mum.  I have used Kraft Cardstock and decorated it using the Kaisercraft Bonjour Collection pattern paper. I wanted to capture the girly girly of my mum, her love of the garden and her appreciation of nature.  This paper beautifully captures that as it is in pink, green and brown.  There are no photos yet in this BAP Wallet and I will get my mum to bring it with her when she visits me later this year and we can then fill it with photos.

My explanations for each photo may be a little confusing, which I apologise for, but it is kinda hard to describe. The best I can offer is that the wallet has a base, followed by a BAP in the north, south, east and west positions.  Each BAP has a BAP Style add-on, which I have indicated.
 Front Cover
 Close up of the Kaisercraft Wooden Flourish Bicycle Embellishemnt
 Close up of the metal charms I have hanging from spine
 Close up of the belly band to keep the album closed
 When you first open the album
BAP Flap on the right, Chipboard cover on the left
 BAP on the right "east" open
Second BAP "west" in centre closed
 BAP on the right "east" open with BAP Style 4 & 6 added and opened out
BAP on the left "west" open with BAP Style 3 & 4 added and closed
First BAP "north" in the centre, closed with BAP Style 1
Note, you can't actually see the BAP "north" base, only BAP Style 1 visible
 BAP Style 3 on BAP "west"
 BAP on left "west" with BAP Style 3 & 4 open and
BAP on right "east" with BAP Style 4 & 6 open
BAP in the centre "north" with BAP Style 1
As mentioned above, you can't see BAP "north" only the BAP Style 1 add-on
 BAP in the centre "north" with BAP Style 1 flap up & BAP Style 4
BAP's to the left "west" and right "east" as described above
  BAP in the centre "north" in the up position
Second BAP in the centre "south" with BAP Style 4
  BAP in the centre with BAP "north" up and BAP "south" down
BAP "west" - pattern paper to decorate BAP Style 4
 BAP "east" - pattern paper to decorate BAP Style 4
 BAP "north" - pattern paper to decorate BAP Style 4
 BAP "north" BAP Style 1 Tag
Back Cover
Cheers FiLoMa

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