Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FMAK #5/2015 - Layout Share

Hello my fellow crafters.  In 2015 I put together several homemade scrapbooking kits.  Today I'm sharing with you the layouts made from FMAK #5/2015 Triad.

I found working with this kit very challenging. As mentioned in the kit contents blog post and video, the colours within this kit are not what I normally work with.  Given that it had been a few months since I had scrapped, using this kit became even more challenging.  I actually think I put off scrapping because I didn't know how to proceed with this kit but didn't want to pull anything else out from my stash.  In the end I persevered and made five layouts.  I pulled out photos for seven layouts, but decided to stop after my fifth.

This first layout was inspired from Shimelle's Glitter Girl series, specifically #123.  Mine isn't exactly the same as hers, but I'm still quite happy with the overall look.

This second layout was inspired from a layout I saw on a fellow YouTuber's channel in 2015.  I don't recall who the person was, and I didn't refer to the layout to make mine. I recall watching the video, liking a few features from the layout, specifically the top 1/3 pattern paper, the bottom 2/3 plain cardstock with the photo to the right. I decided to place my photo to the left based on where the people in the photo were looking.  Orange certainly isn't a colour I'm comfortable playing with, but I'm happy with the overall layout.

This third layout design is one I've used before. Because it was a tried and trusted design, I knew that I would be pretty happy with the end result and I was. My challenge was just making it all work together in a cohesive manner and pleasing to my eye.  Green is another colour I'm not use to working with in such large quantities.

This fourth layout was based on a design principle class at Get It Scrapped.  Since I was following the first lesson of the class, the layout came together pretty quickly.  The accent paper is not what I had planned, as I found the floral paper really pretty and didn't want to cut in to it. However, I took the plunge and decided that if I didn't use it now I probably wouldn't.  Though I didn't follow all the principles in the class I'm really happy with how this layout turned out.

The fifth and final layout was also based on a design principle class from Get It Scrapped.  This one is from lesson two. Again, this layout is not completely in line with the design principles but I'm happy with how it came together. I'm also happy that by following the class I was able to make this layout pretty quickly.

In case anyone is interested, here is a quick video showing the layouts and explaining some of the product and what I did on each layout.

FiLoMa's Layout Share #1/2016
Layouts made from FMAK #5/2015 Triad

Cheers FiLoMa 

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