Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Project Life: Week Two (5-11 January 2014)

Hello my fellow crafters. I am back, albeit a little later than anticipated.  It has been quite hot here in Canberra Australia and since I don't have an aircon, I have found my craft room not the most enjoyable place to be. You could say that I didn't have much craft inspiration the last couple of weeks.  However, with a bit of a cool change having come through the region I took the opportunity to get into the craft room and work on week two of PL.

I have kept my pages simple and I have not concerned myself as to whether anything really coordinates.  I am happy with the results and to my eye it coordinates enough LOL.  Week two really was just about capturing the everyday moments.  I had a moment when I said to myself "oh my, it's only week two and I'm struggling to take photos".  My struggle didn't last long and I think the main reason I felt I was struggling is that PL is new to me and I'm having to get in the mind set of taking a photo a day.  Considering I've hardly taken any photos over the last few years doing a photo a day is a new process for me.

Anyway, I won't ramble any further.  Below are the few photos I've taken and a link to my YouTube video, which turned out to be longer than anticipated.

YouTube video

 This spread captures Sunday through to Tuesday

This spread captures Wednesday through to Saturday
On the notes tag is my journalling for that day (see video for explanation)
Behind my WW photo is my pedometer results for the week

This spread captures my WW books I get from my weekly meeting, the weekly email of encouragement from my WW Leader, the weather forecast for the week as well as my week-in-review journalling
Cheers FiLoMa

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