Saturday, 10 November 2007

My Week 05 Nov - 10 Nov 2007

Well it has certainly been another challenging week for me, both in lifestyle changes and getting back into a routine at work.

Due to the Melbourne Cup holiday here in Canberra, there was no weekly weigh-in for me at Weight Watchers and I forgot or remembered too late to make either the Monday or Wednesday sessions at other meeting places. I did weigh myself at home and my weight has been about the same. I have worked out that I really need to establish a routine, both during the week and more importantly on the weekend.

Also on Melbourne Cup day, or as it was called here "Family Fun Day" ROFLOL, my washing machine decided to kick the bucket - just as I was doing my 1st load of washing. On Wednesday I was busying buying a new machine, which will be delivered this afternoon. I have decided to change over to a front loader, so I'm looking forward to getting it and more importantly, being able to do my washing.

This morning I went the closing down sale at "Scrap the Lot". This shop has been in Kippax for the last 4 years, but Tammy & Yvonne have decided to move on. They had some good items and were offering 30% off, so my total purchase was reasonable. I got a stamp set, ribbon (lots of), punches, glue sticks and bling brads.

The TSS website is back up and has been since late last Monday. Jen is doing all the wrap up for PCD 2007 and in the preparations for PCD 2008. I've already started to resupply my pink stash, not that I really need any more, in the aim and hopes of at least doubling my pledge. I made 31 cards this year and will be aiming to do at least 62, possibly even aim for 100.

I have also taken some photos of my craft room and hope to have these uploaded here for everyone to see soon. I'm slowly changing my storage items, so the photos I have taken are really the before, with one of my new storage items shown.

I've also signed up to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I am excited about it, as I love the SU products. Hopefully I will get my starter kit this week. I am also going to the SU Regionals in Sydney as a "guest". I am looking forward to that to see what it offers.

Well, it's a couple of hours before the new washing machine is to be delivered and I have a number of swaps I need to get completed, so best I get a move on and get them done. Especially since I've never participated in an "inchies" swap before - this will be a challenge for me and the theme is "Xmas".

Cheers FiLoMa

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
Well done on setting up your blog etc. Was it very hard to do?
How did you get involved with making the pink cards? I think I would like to do that next year too. I am looking forward to seeing your craft room. I just love the brad holder case I gt from lana - but how did you secure your brads to the little holders??
hugs from Pam A