Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Canvas - ME

Hi fellow crafters. Yep, I seem to be MIA with my blog posts, but I am creating. My projects now take longer to make as I am experimenting with different tips and techniques.

Recently I decided I wanted to finish a canvas that I started last year. I didn't really do much last year, just cover it with tissue paper and inked it up. It has sat on my shelf for nearly a year until a couple of weeks ago I decided to actually do something with it.

I selected a photo of myself, taken about three years ago, to be the guinea pig. That way if I stuff up I wasn't concerned about losing the photo - I can always print a new one.  I did up a layout, took a photo and walked away for about a week. Came back, decided to do a second layout and instead of taking a photo and thinking about it again I opted for just going with what came to mind.  Since I was now 'just going with the flow' I decided to glue things down and see what will happen. A bit like throwing spaghetti to the wall and seeing what sticks.

I glued everything down and then gesso'd everything so I could then spray, paint, splatter over all the objects to get the desired colour I wanted.  The reason I did that was because I didn't have the right coloured flowers for what I wanted and instead of buying new flowers I made do with what I had.  Basically I followed a tip given by Arlene Cuevas aka mybutterflykisses12 on YouTube, specifically:
Below is a quick YouTube video of the end result and below that are some photos. An overall photo with a few close ups of a few elements.

YouTube Video

 Full View of Canvas
 Close up of Butterfly emblishment
This was part of a necklace
 Close up of the chipboard dress form
 Close up of the Wild Orchid Craft flowers & stick pin
A Tim Holtz heart metal lock
Small dragonfly in bottom right
 Close up of key, top left
Close up of Tim Holtz metal label with my craft name "filoma"

Cheers FiLoMa

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famillemarleau said...

Gorgeous layout. Thanks for sharing, Johanne L.