Thursday, 3 January 2008

Card Sketch Templates

I just want to say that the Card Sketch Templates that I post to my blog have originated from Becky Fleck's page map web site. I have not created these myself and do not want anyone to think that I have done these sketches. Unless otherwise indicated, all Card Sketch Templates posted on my blog for the yahoo group "cards_r_us" challenge will be from Becky's web site. I am posting them to my blog so that if you are not aware of these sketches via Becky's web site, you can find a select few from my blog.

However, I am now keen to try my hand at creating my own card sketch templates and if/when I do and am happy with what I create, I will post these to my blog to share.

I have done this post to eliminate any confusion that may have arose from people visiting my blog. I do not want to take credit for something that I have not done. It needs to be directed appropriately.
Cheers FiLoMa

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