Friday, 2 January 2015

My Weight Loss Journey Project - Part 01

I have been meaning to scrapbook my weight loss journey for the last several months but just never got around to it.  In December 2014, Sarah Swann posted a video on YouTube sharing her weight loss journey, which she has been documenting in a smash book.  It was the motivation I needed to get on with scrapping my own journey.  Not long after this video Sarah created a Facebook group called "Scrapping off the weight" (SOTW), which I have joined.  It is a great group of like minded people wanting to document their weight loss journey through scrapbooking.

Below are photos of my title page, "My Weight Loss Journey", page 2 "I'm not dieting", page 3 "In the beginning..." and the inside front and back covers that capture how many kilograms I want to lose and have lost.  I also have a process video if anyone is interested in watching it.

The album I am using is my homemade smash book.  You can find the YouTube video here.

My title base page is BoBunny.  The majority of ephemera used is from several Maggie Holmes collections.  I created a cluster in the top right hand corner, using several different shapes and sizes to add character to the page.  I sprayed a white dolly with Heidi Swapp Teal colour shine.  I created another cluster around my photo. First I layered my photo on to pattern paper, placed a chipboard frame over the photo, layered the black and white chevron paper to the right and attached a 3" x 4" project life card from Shimelle's collection.  The PL card is a bit of pun, as it says "boarding pass". I found this quite funny as it captures me getting on board with my weight loss journey.

In the top left of the photo I have placed a wood veneer view finder, which also has a butterfly paperclip adhered to it.  The flair button to the bottom right of the photo says "photos + stories" and I feel correctly captures what information will be contained within the pages.  To the right of the word loss I have a wood veneer bicycle. Again, another pun to capture moving more and getting fitter.  I have used blue glitter thickers for my title and the colour scheme of this layout was centred around the colour of these thickers.

Title Page
"My Weight Loss Journey"

This next page, "I'm not dieting" I kept quite simple. I want the message to be clear that I am embarking on a lifestyle change not a time bound diet.  The decoration on this page has been kept to two clusters, bottom left and top left.  The acetate clock is to reflect that this journey is not bound by time and that it will take me however long I need it to.

Page 2
"I'm not dieting"

This next page captures the history behind previous weight loss attempts and how long I have been attempting to lose weight.  I record my decision to go back to Weight Watchers, the date I rejoined and the amount I weighed in at.  The page was kept simple so that the focus can remain on the story.  I have a few wood veneer, cork and sequin embellishments.  The colour scheme of the page was centred around the title. I really wanted to use these red glitter thickers and I was very happy when the length of the word fitted on my page.

Page 3
"In the beginning..."

The final photos I have to show you is inside the front and back covers.  I have glued a mason jar, printed from the internet on velum, in the inside of the front & back covers.  The inside front cover captures the amount of kilograms I would like to lose and the inside back cover captures the amount of kilograms I have lost.  This is represented by a homemade enamel dot. Each enamel dot represents 1 kilogram.  I decided that it just wasn't practical to do it by grams. Therefore I have to lose a full kilo before an enamel dot can be moved from the inside front to inside back cover.  I find the enamel dots look like a handful of smarties and pleasing to my eyes to have all this colour.

Inside Front Cover
"Kg's to Lose"

Inside Back Cover
"Kg's Lost"

Process Video #1/2015 - SOTW: My Weight Loss Journey

Stay tuned, I will be back with the next page in the journey, documenting my Weight Watchers Leader.
Cheers FiLoMa

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